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Replacement Parts & PiecesUpdated 2 years ago

Missing Game Parts & Puzzle Pieces

We know how frustrating it can be when missing parts ruin the fun of a board game or puzzle. If you're missing some pieces, we'd love to help. We've created this constantly expanding page to share manufacturers contact information for requesting parts and pieces for games, puzzles and toys. We work very closely with our manufacturers and strive to only carry the best products, but mistakes can happen and sometimes pieces can come missing out of the box or perhaps your dog ate that puzzle piece when you weren't looking.

Browse through to find the manufacturer you need a replacement piece from and reach out to them so they can help. If you have any trouble, please contact us by submitting a ticket and we will work o resolve the problem by working with the manufacturer for you. Discontinued and out of stock items unfortunately can't be replaced but we will try to help with everything else.

Again, we understand how frustrating it can be and we're here to help. Puzzle pieces can sometimes seem like socks in a dryer; you know they're in there, but you just can't find them. They can easily be misplaced, so make sure you look everywhere before you panic.

Jigsaw puzzles today are made with highly precise automated equipment & machinery so it is very rare to have a missing piece in the sealed box. However unlikely it may seem, puzzle pieces can go missing once the box has been opened . Pieces most often find a cozy hiding place somewhere in your work area, on your couch, embedded in your carpet, hanging-out with your favorite pet, or with a loved-one. 

Carefully search any rooms you used for opening, constructing, gluing, transporting or storing the jigsaw puzzle and be sure to do a thorough search of the packaging and all work-areas and allow some time before notifying the authorities that your piece has gone missing. Lastly, make sure that all of the pieces you've placed belong where they are, so you know exactly which piece you're missing - sometimes pieces can seem appear to be in the right place, but they're not.

Puzzles, Games and Toy Manufacturer Contact Information

Here is a list of some of our manufacturers that offer replacement parts and pieces. If you don't see the manufacturer of your product here, please contact us via our Help Desk.

CEACO - Puzzles

Ravensburger - Puzzles & Board Games

Peaceable Kingdom - Puzzles & Board Games

Mindware - Board Games & Toys

MasterPieces - Puzzles, Games, Toys & Crafts

Smart Games - Critical Thinking Games for Kids

Bruder - Toys

Blue Orange Games - Games for Kids

USAopoly - Games & Puzzles

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